Adem vocals and guitar for The Instinct


Adem, 16, vocals, guitar – Adem is a self taught singer/songwriter, and guitarist. His music journey began at the age of nine. By 11, he started to write and sing my own songs. Adem’s favorite genres are Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, and Rock. Adem recently released an EP on all music platforms and performed at many music venues. Many artists have influenced Adem, including Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and John Mayer.



Donovan, 18, vocals, bass – Donovan developed a love for music at a very young age. He enjoys all genres but has a special fondness for old school. Donovan’s drawn inspiration from a range of musicians such as Michael Jackson, Howlin Wolf and Robert Plant. His other passions are architecture and soccer.

Stacy drums for The Instinct


Stacy, 16, drums – “Groove Girl” started playing the drums when she was 7. Her influences include Clyde Stubblefield, Sheila E., Buddy Rich, Tony Royster Jr., and Neil Peart. When she is not on the drum kit, you will find her playing field hockey or softball. She loves all genres of music, but has a special inclination for the blues and funk.



Grady, 16, guitar – Grady enjoys all genres of music. He developed a love for the blues and blues history at a very early age. Grady has an eclectic group of influences but Jimi Hendrix rises above the rest. In addition to music, Grady competes in track & field throwing events and plays baseball.

Aval keyboards and harmonica for The Instinct


Aval, 15, keyboards, harmonica – Aval began with classical piano at age 9. At 12, he picked up the electric bass and loved the improvisational style of the blues. Within the last year, Aval has expanded his improvisational playing to piano with blues and jazz. He earned a position as Jazz Ambassador of the Jazz Institute of Chicago. Recently, he has taken on the challenge of the harmonica. Aval's greatest influence are Ramsey Lewis and Ray Charles.